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Supporting Local Artists

We recently received a question from a #Piecer? a #PiecePerson? - we will have to come up with some clever name - a Piece. blog reader, who asked,

"What are the best ways to support local artists?"

What a wonderful question! I've found that the best ways to find out about local artists are to:

| g e t t o y o u r l o c a l g a l l e r i e s |

Even doing a quick Google Maps search of "galleries near me" will help familiarize yourself with the art institutions near you. Check out their event calendars - see if there are art openings, open studio events, or gallery talks with artists. The featured artists are typically at these events and you have the opportunity to speak with them, ask about their work, maybe even purchase a piece. Even just showing up to those events shows huge support for not only the artist, but the gallery working hard to show local artists.

You can even organize groups to go visit galleries in you area, like this crit group in Chicago!

| a r t s a n d c r a f t f a i r s |

Look for an arts and craft fair in your area. These typically pop up during the summer, during the holidays, and sometimes during Valentine's Day & Mother's day. Craft fairs are often very accessible for emerging artists. Many times these markets host jewelry makers, soap makers, bakeries, fiber artists, etc., so they may not host as much traditional art as say a gallery, but there are often fine artists at these events and supporting local artisans is just as important as supporting local fine artists!

Devin has worked the craft market circuit for her jewelry & her art - although it may be frustrating at times, it truly is a great way to get your name out there!

| s t a t e a r t a s s o c i a t i o n s |

Often times, your state's website will either have an art section or have resources for other arts organizations in your state. These state websites often filter by medium, so if you are curious about metal artists in the state of Idaho, this would be a good place to start!

| l o c a l b u s i n e s s e s |

Have you ever seen the art on the walls of your local coffee shop or restaurant, or maybe in your area's hospital? This artwork is almost always from local artists and typically the business housing the artwork has the contact information for the artist. Next time you are doing a little shopping in town, keep your eyes on the walls! You might find something you like.

| o n l i n e |

This is clearly my time to plug Piece., but seriously! Online galleries like us are dedicated to finding local artists and showcasing their work. We painstakingly look on Instagram, Facebook, our local galleries, even on vacation - we are scouring every avenue to bring you one-of-a-kind art from artists all across the U.S.A! If you are an artist or know of an artist that you think would like to be a part of Piece., please tell us!! We are always interested in finding new and unique artists.

There are SO many ways to support local artists, and we hope you consider one of those options!

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