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Hey gang!

I'll never forget what my college advisor told me once. He said,

"If you're ever stuck, just make something."

I know this is simple, and may seem obvious to some, but it has stuck with me for years and gotten me out of some major cases of creative block. The deeper message behind this simple phrase is that so often creative people feel pressure to make something great - something that's thoughtful, intellectual, valued, and praised. That kind of pressure can just aggravate creative block, let alone fix it! My advisor's point was, it doesn't matter what you make, just make something. Use your hands and just create. It doesn't matter if your throw it in the garbage right after -

How would it feel to be a part of a group of other artists and creatives that provided you with 2 creative prompts per month? Well...we have your answer! Piece. Prompts is what we are called and we operate on Facebook and Google Classroom (👈 👈 we see you social media deniers!). This group is typically open to our $10/month Patreon subscribers, but in an effort to expand the group, we are opening this group up to everyone! Up to this point, most of our prompts have been aimed towards visual artists, but recently, we've recognized that some musicians and sound artists have joined, so we are making an effort to include artists of any medium!

If you would like to join the Facebook group and/or the Google Classroom group, please email shopyourpiece@gmail.com and provide your Facebook name or your email so we can send you an invite!

I know I'm biased, but since starting this group and therefore *needing* to participate in it, I have felt more motivated to work than I have in a while. I live in a fairly rural community and it's difficult to motivate yourself, especially when there's no one around you to help. Piece. Prompts is a 100% on your schedule, no strings attached kind of group. If you can't participate in every prompt, no problem - - - you have a life, we get it! But we are also here when you need guidance with your work, when you want feedback, or when you are stuck. We are the community for the artists with no community. So, do yourself a favor and J O I N !

See you next prompt!



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