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Get To Know Piece.

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Welcome to Piece. - the gallery that brings you original art at a fair, transparent price - we are so happy you are here! Piece. is the collective energy of Kelsey Jordan & Devin DeLaney. Kelsey & Devin are sisters who have dreamed of starting a gallery for the last few years. A couple months back, Devin moved to Kelsey’s neck of the woods, Bucks County, PA, and they decided it was the perfect time to launch Piece.

In the age of Etsy, Artsy, Art.com, etc., art is surrounding us constantly. The problem is, the amount we need to sift through to find what we like is overwhelming. If you go to brick and mortar galleries, the artwork is so marked up, it’s hard to know where your money is even going!

Piece. by Bailey Jean Thomas

Our mission is to make both halves of the equation happy. Pay artists what they deserve & offer them beneficial services if you do accept a percentage of their sale. Bring customers a variety of unique & eclectic art for no more than $500.

| a l i t t l e a b o u t o u r n a m e |

We call ourselves Piece. because that’s what it’s all about. Both Kelsey & Devin have experienced that feeling when you see a piece of art that stops you in your tracks. There is just something about it that makes you feel connected and sparks an strong emotion. Everyone deserves to have that experience and surround themselves with pieces they love!

| a l i t t l e a b o u t u s |

Kelsey is a videographer and owner of KGD Films. She started collecting art about 5 years ago and has struggled to find art that not only meets her budget, but her taste & style! She is based in Bucks County, PA - but has strong ties to NJ & NY. If Kelsey is not at a shoot or working for her clients from home, she is walking her dog, working on a watercolor, or propogating plants! Kelsey designed & manages our website, designs the marketing materials for our Patreon members, and manages our Facebook.

Devin is a jewelry maker, sculptor, and mixed-media artist. She started her jewelry company, ifé jewelry, about 3 years ago and is always looking for new opportunities to show her work. While she does also live in Bucks County, she still has strong ties to Chicago, IL - which was home for the last 3 years. If Devin is not working on a new piece, she is taking a hike, watching movies, or in the garden. Devin is the curator, point of contact for the artists, and maintains our Instagram & Patreon.

| a l i t t l e a b o u t w h a t t o e x p e c t f r o m u s |

Both Kelsey & Devin have big plans for Piece. We hope to consistently bring on new artists to give you even more art to choose from, bring you creative opportunities, that this blog becomes a resource to help you elevate your art collection, and much, much more!

Piece. by Tine Kirkland Graham

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