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Let's Talk About BLUE

This year, Pantone's Color of the Year (2020) is Classic Blue. If you are unsure of what the "Pantone Color of the Year" even means, Architectural Digest did a nice write up about it!

We've been seeing this color EVERYWHERE in art recently and even have some amazing pieces for sale that incorporate this classic, dreamy blue! Blue oftentimes represents stability and calm in art, design, marketing & life. Artwork that has an overwhelming blue presence really evokes those emotions in us - whether we consciously realize it or not.

Take a look at a few of our favorite pieces that incorporate this year's Pantone color below. You can see more (and learn more about these amazing artists) by checking out our Pinterest board!

Also, check out artwork by our very own Piece. artists that use this strong, calm color. These originals are all available for sale!

We love seeing work with blue elements on gray and white walls - it adds a punch to an otherwise neutral space. We also love how deeply it contrasts with burnt oranges, siennas and fiery reds. Don't forget about how blue can evoke feelings of water and the sea! Hang work near a plant or a piece of wood furniture to create the illusion of all of the elements working together.

How do you feel about the Pantone Color of the Year this year? Do you love it or are you looking forward to 2021? Let us know!

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