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How To Support Artists from Home

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Hello friends!

Wow - the world sure has changed a lot since our last blog post! Don't worry, I am not going to add to your anxiety by talking about the impact and aftermath of this thing and I'm not even going to use it's name (frankly, because I'm tired of reading it!). What I am going to do is provide you with some ways to support the artists, musicians, nonprofits, and small businesses that make up your world.

First and foremost, if you can support any organization/businesses/individuals financially, do it! Buy your friend's album, get a gift card to the shop around the corner, donate to your local bar's GoFund Me. The reality is people are desperate, any work and income you can throw their way is much appreciated!

For many if not most of us though, we are taking hits to our own income and can't afford the extras right now. That's where this list really comes in handy - now more than ever self-employed people, nonprofits, and small businesses are working really hard to provide their services to their customers, to support themselves, and to stay afloat. If you are unable to support the businesses around you with a purchase, support them by doing one or all of the following!

F o l l o w a n d e n g a g e . . .

Find all of your favorite artists and restaurants on social media and don't just follow them, engage with their posts! Like, comment, and share as much as you can, because that makes their posts visible to more people. I know that seems superficial, but hey, every little bit helps right?

O p e n t h o s e n e w s l e t t e r s . . .

I know your inboxes are already chaos, but now that most of you have a little extra time on your hands, go through and open, read, and click through those newsletters! Often these emails contain important updates, interesting stories, a peek behind the scenes, and sometimes a little discount. Like I said before, I know it seems like such a silly thing, but seeing that y'all actually read these things makes us feel good. It's a glimmer of relief during a stressful and unpredictable time!

I just took a virtual tour of one of my favorite gallery's new exhibits. It was wonderful and I never would have seen it if not for opening their email!

S h o w u p ( v i r t u a l l y ) . . .

Is the gym you normally go to hosting exercise classes on Zoom? Is the band you love playing a Facebook Live performance? The need to "stay at home" has cancelled countless events and closed our routine spots so the least we can do is tune in at home to support! Often times these virtual events are free or for a suggested donation. We just hosted our first Piece. Prompts Virtual Paint & Sip and it was a blast! Both Kels and I were so excited to see new faces, meet the people behind the Instagram handles, and see all of the non-artists show up to do something new and fun. Thank you so much to everyone who came out, we can't wait to do another!

This is a screen grab from our Paint & Sip! That you to @zoeelizabethcat for the photo!

S e n d p h o t o s . . .

Take a photo of something you bought during or pre-social distancing and send it to the artist/business owner/etc. Doing this not only warms our hearts, but it also gives us content! It ain't easy coming up with weeks of content without physically engaging with the world!

At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is to opt for local. You will, at some point in the foreseeable future, need to purchase something. Before you head over to that big box store, think about who carries what you need locally and choose to support them! We have an opportunity here to reinvest in mom & pop shops, in community staples, and in small, local businesses.

Hang in there, everybody! Times are tough, but I'm hoping we can come out the other side more empathetic, supportive, and community-oriented than before.

Reach out any time <3

Kelsey + Devin

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