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How to Choose Your Frame Color

A large (oftentimes expensive) part of owning art is framing it. It doesn't HAVE to be expensive (check out our post about hanging art without a frame) and there are a PLETHORA of shapes and sizes available (check out THAT post here). Today I am breaking down how to select your frame color and why certain colors work well with certain pieces of art.

It is always important to remember that these are merely suggestions. The point of hanging art is hanging something that inspires you - so it should feel like you! Don't be afraid to throw the 'rules' out the window and pick a color that makes YOU happy!

Step One

Prop your artwork up on the wall you're hoping to hang it on and look at it! Like...for a while. Like...really look at it. Start to take note of the color of your walls, the undertones of the wall paint & the main colors in the work that stand out. Start to think about what colors would compliment that nicely! And don't forget...there's nothing wrong with classic black or white!

Step Two

Picture a variety of frame colors on your art. Get creative! Use your computer, cut out strips of colorful paper - whatever it takes to help your brain envision the color of the frame.

Step Three

Consider the piece. Is is colorful? What size and shape is it? Do the colors need to feel more subtle - do they need a helping hand to pack a punch in your room? Brightly colored painting do best with black, white and metallic frames whereas more neutral paintings leave room for playing with colorful frames!

Step Four

Consider using a small detail color within the artwork to inspire your frame color choice! Look for a 'background' color and encourage it to shine by doubling it's surface area via a frame!

Like the edges of the TV define the 'frame' of a movie, or how a shelf defines the items displayed on it - artwork can become more impactful if artfully framed! You can always visit your local framer and ask their opinion too! They will have tons of samples for you to look at and oftentimes can be quite helpful in finding a cost effective frame that still looks sophisticated!

We want to see how you frame your Piece. art! Send us photos of your finished pieces! shopyourpiece@gmail.com

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