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Hiding Electronics in Plain Sight with Art!

Have a weird junction box, electrical panel, thermostat, light switch or outlet you wish could make disappear? Instead...surround it by art- make it feel intentional! Have some fun with the quirks of your living space!

1. Create a gallery wall around your thermostat. Since 'smart' thermostats have become a thing, it's become increasingly important to have it somewhere you can easily access it! Rather than covering it up, try building a funky asymmetrical gallery wall around it! I used a few pieces of art (and 2 photos with special meaning) to create a fun, colorful corner in my home. I love that I can swap them out for different pieces when I want to change things up. You can obviously still see the thermostat, but it feels like it was put there intentionally - I love it!

2. Have a light switch plate that you don't love the color/style of? I used the color of this (IMO, u-g-l-y) light switch as inspiration for the two prints I paired it with! Eventually I'll get around to swapping it out for something a bit more modern, but if I was a renter - I wouldn't be able to! Turn a negative into a positive! Lean into the funky color palette of your rental!

3. I loved this little triangular wall so much! I love how clean and tidy the lines are when you look at it through the stairwell. That pesky little light switch ruins it! So I decided I'd add some simple, dainty artwork to create another diagonal line that your eye follows that makes the light switch feel more purposeful. I am well aware this could be my OCD kicking in, but I LOVE looking at and thinking about things like this 😜.

Let us know how you hide your electronics 'in plain sight' in your home or apartment!! We'd love to see!


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