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How To decorate a quirky space with art

Sometimes when you are searching for a new home, the last thought in your mind is how your art is going to look in that space. Then, once unpacked, you start to notice the lack of usable wall space, the funny mix of colors, or the dated appearance of the space. So, how do you work with the quirks of your space to effectively hang your artwork in a pleasing way? Follow the tips below to make your space feel natural and complete!

| u t i l i z e s t o r a g e s p a c e s |

If your new place has built in shelving or space for bookshelves, incorporate your artwork into your display!

| d o n ‘ t f o r g e t t h e f l o o r |

Often forgotten, the floor space beneath benches, bars, and small shelving can be a great place for a sculpture or for a piece of framed artwork.

| d e c o r a t e e v e r y r o o m |

Bathrooms & kitchens are sometimes left out of the decorating plan. Elevate these spaces with a small gallery wall or a statement piece.

| c o v e r t h e w h o l e w a l l |

If you aren’t a huge fan of the colors of your wall, but you want that security deposit back, cover up as much of that weird color your can! Add shelving, hang plants, and use your largest pieces.

| e m b r a c e t h e q u i r k |

If you have an unavoidable feature in your new space, such as loud tiling or paneling throughout the home - sometimes the easiest way to deal with it, is just embrace it and work it into your style.

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