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Give the Gift of Art

Hey everyone!

We are *quickly* coming up on the season of gift giving and I think a lot of us are a little uneasy about buying art for other people. Maybe it feels too personal? Or maybe we don't want people to feel pressure to put what we have purchased for them up on our walls?

That's totally fair. But I also think that art falls into that category of stuff we never buy for ourselves - it's one of those things that seems luxurious and unnecessary. But remember, what you choose to hang on your walls is what you see every day. IT'S IMPORTANT! And to receive something unique, handmade, and picked just for you - that is exactly what gift giving is all about, right?

If you are curious about gifting a piece of art to a loved one, here are a few tips to help you figure out what kind of art to get them.

| T i p # 1 |

Think about - or better yet look at - what they have in their home. Does this person have any original art already?

For a room like the one pictured, I would suggest something bold since the room is so raw. Consider Bailey Thomas' watercolor "Mouthbreathing" for something colorful, yet subdued. Anna Castellanos' painting "Unorganized Play 2" for something bold, yet minimal. Or Devin DeLaney's painting "Line Drawing" for something textured and modern.

| T i p # 2 |

Does this person love anything in particular? For example, with me it's cows. Most people who know me, know that if they sent me any art that featured a cow, I'd probably love it. Eh hemm, Adrian Rowan...

| T i p # 3 |

When you are out looking at art - think about what makes you like the piece. Does it make you think of something in particular? Does it remind you of the person for whom you are buying it?

| T i p # 4 |

How would you describe the person? Think about how they dress - often the way you present yourself is in line with how you present your space!

For example, if I had a friend who loved wearing this dress, I would suggest they look at J. Mike Kuhn's "Small Feeesh".

| T i p # 5 |

Peep at their Etsy wishlist, Pinterest boards, or any other sneaky resources. Often, these are the places where people portray their true style.

This image is borrowed from my personal Pinterest page. When you look at the kind of art - you notice there is an emphasis on texture, black & white art, sculpture, and charcoal drawings. Little hints like this are a great starting point!

Last but not least, if you are really struggling - take our style quiz below, submit your responses to shopyourpiece@gmail.com and WE will help you #FindYourPiece or find a piece for whoever you are looking for!

How would you describe your taste?

1. Traditional & realistic

2. Contemporary & colorful

3. Modern & minimalist

4. Abstract & expressive

5. Quirky & fun

6. Subtle & soft

7. Other:______________________________

What mediums interest you? Include all that apply









What are the main colors used in your space?



What don't you like?



Other thoughts:



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