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Get To Know Yana Yakubchik

| Y A N A Y A K U B C H I K |

I met Yana the way every small business owner dreams about meeting a collaborator or client - I liked some of Yana's posts on Instagram and started following her account and she followed us back and reached out to us to learn a little more about Piece. Not only that, but this happened like 2 months into the Piece. site going live, so as you can imagine Kelsey and I were stoked!

I think what drew me to Yana's work initially was her confidence evoked by her line work. What I mean by that is each and every mark on a Yana piece feels like it is exactly where it should be. There is no thinking, "well this could have gone there" - NO! It is right where it should be. Also, I think it's amazing how she gets each mark to work with one another. Her work is made up of these insane networks of carefully places dots and lines - come up close and they look like interesting abstract images, step away and they become a cubist supernovas. They are incredible!

Here are some of Yana's previous pieces found on her website. Check it out here.

Yana has lived in New Jersey her entire life - she was born in New Brunswick and currently lives in Morganville. She earned her BFA from Rutgers: Mason Gross School of the Arts and has shown her work primarily in NJ galleries and creative spaces. Brutalist architecture, botanicals, and snow inspire Yana’s intimate maximalist artworks and ask the viewer to take a visual trip. Yana draws inspiration from Brutalist architecture, botanicals, and snow and she aims to immerse her viewer into a completely new visual world.

These works along with many other are available on our site, along with a selection of prints. Please follow the link to see the rest of Yana's work!

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We are so happy to be working with Yana and cannot wait for someone to find their piece with Yana Yakubchik!



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