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Get To Know Tine Kirkland Graham

| T i n e K i r k l a n d G r a h a m |

Full disclosure - Tine Kirkland Graham is Kelsey's & my grandma. We grew up surrounded by her artwork and inspired by her creativity - she never missed an opportunity to put my siblings and I in front of a canvas. Tine (oof, not used to calling her that - bear with me) has been developing her skills and style for the last 40+ years. She started out as most artists do - learning the basics, lots of bowls of fruit and floral arrangements. Once she started doing oil pastel portraits - she began to gain recognition in the Harding Township and Morristown communities. With each new project, her style developed into one similar to some of her artistic idols - Picasso & Matisse.

Here is some of Tine's other work!

Tine has shown her work in galleries & spaces across New Jersey, in the quaint galleries of Nantucket, and in a variety of galleries in Amelia Island, Florida - just to name a few. Tine's creativity is fed by the sounds of the ocean, the unique way a person's hair falls, the shapes of boats floating along the water, and the essence of a person. She is a true observer.

Check out this video by KGD Films that features Tine Kirkland Graham at the 2015 Morristown Festival of Books Gallery Reception!

You can often find Tine participating in community events, diligently working in her studio, enjoying a hot cup of tea on her deck, or sketching one of the many passerby at restaurants, hair salons, parks, practically everywhere!

I picture Tine's work in the homes of people who are looking for a bold splash of color, in the collections of beach lovers, and pretty much any small business that's near a beach!

To purchase any of the above pieces, click here!

We are so happy to be working with Tine and can't

wait for someone to find their piece with Tine Kirkland Graham!



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