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Get To Know Leah Fulton Porter

| L e a h F u l t o n P o r t e r |

The first time I met Leah it was during a visit to Kelsey's college when she was a freshman. Both Kels and Leah lived in the same freshman dorm. I can remember Kelsey showing me some of Leah's hyperrealistic paintings from later high school, and was totally blown away by her ability to capture a scene alongside her unique perspective. Leah past work ranges from painting, to drawing, to murals, and currently she is exploring graphic illustration.

This is some of Leah's older work. Her attention to detail and precision is pretty mind-blowing when you take a closer look!

Check out this amazing mural did for her dad's company, 48 Hour Books!

Leah and her husband recently welcome a beautiful, baby boy named Theo into the world.

We asked Leah to be a part of Piece. because we thought people would love her incredibly realistic portraits. I envision these pieces in the homes of dog lovers, in the waiting rooms of veterinarians, and on the walls of rescue centers!

If you are looking for a custom portrait - please reach out to us! We would love to put you in contact with Leah!

To purchase any of the pieces above, click here.

We are so happy to be working with Leah and can’t wait for someone to find their piece with Leah Fulton Porter!



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