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Get To Know Hannah Ayers

Hello Piece. People!

| H a n n a h A y e r s |

I met Hannah at The College of Wooster - we were both art majors and we met sort of towards the end of our time there. My first real exposure to Hannah's work was her Senior Thesis show. Hannah painted these beautifully textured paintings inside the confines of the shape of an airplane window. I thought it was such a brilliant idea! I loved the way in which she directed my view by painting inside such a recognizable shape.

Images courtesy of Hannah Ayers

Since undergrad, Hannah has gone on to complete her MFA in Painting at Miami University and has exhibited her work at Heistand Gallery and the Miami Art Museum in Oxford, OH, along with galleries in Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Denver. Hannah's "subject matter usually has its origin in landscape, but [she is] more concerned with the feeling and atmosphere of a piece." Her work often deals with memory, by emphasizing the subtle sensations and atmospheric qualities of an experience in time. We asked Hannah to be a part of Piece. because we love the way in which every mark has intent. If you look at the way she composes each image - she only include the necessary marks in order to convey the atmosphere of the scene.

These original works, along with many others are available on our site! Please follow the link to view the rest of Hannah's work!

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This work is from her MFA Thesis show! Stunning!!

We are so happy to be working with Hannah and cannot wait for someone to find their piece with Hannah Ayers!



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