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Get to Know Adrian Rowan

| A d r i a n R o w a n |

I should start this post off by saying, Adrian Rowan is one of my best friends. We met back in 2012 during college and became fast friends! Because we both majored in art, I am in the unique position of having seen Adrian's work grow and evolve.

Here is some of Adrian's other work!

Much of Adrian's recent work revolves around human & non-human animal relationships - she explores the human relationship to extinction, industrial farming, and domesticated animals - and makes us really feel our impact on non-human animals. She has this incredible gift of bringing her viewer down to Earth, encouraging them to be more observant and respectful of life on this planet.

Adrian has shown her work in Wooster, OH's Mackenzie Gallery, Chicago's Hoofprint Workshop, Louisville Visual Art Gallery, and Louisville's Kaviar Forge and Gallery. Check out this video from her 2016 Senior Thesis show - - - I spy a bunch of passenger pigeons!

I picture Adrian's sculptures hanging on the walls of bird watchers, on display in environmental education centers, science classrooms, or soaring through your family home.

To purchase any of the pieces above, click here!

We are so happy to be working with Adrian and can't

wait for someone to find their piece with Adrian Rowan!



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