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Decorating for Fall

Let's face it, there is nothing cozier than walking into a home that is festive, fun, and beautifully decorated for Fall. We all have different tastes and sometimes Fall decor can feel a little cheesy or crafty. However you choose to decorate, we have some #helpfulhints to do it with an artful touch!

g o l d d i p p e d a c o r n s

These gold-dipped acorns are subtle and classic - the perfect addition to your table's centerpiece! All you'll need are gathered acorns and their tops, gold spray paint, and some craft glue. Or, if you're not so crafty, follow the link to purchase!

p i c k a c o l o r s c h e m e

You can never go wrong with earth tones in the Fall! Finding dish towels, bowls, and plates in golds, burnt oranges, and deep reds helps bring in the warmth without being over the top! And if worse comes to worse, put out a bowl of candy corn. Everyone knows candy corn means Fall!

m a k e i t a c a n d l e

These festive candles warm up any surface or corner of your home! And who doesn't think Fall when they smell warm apples??

Apple Candles

Gourd Candles

f r u i t s + v e g g i e s

If pumpkins seem a little too cliché for you, pick up a few artichokes, pomegranates, cranberries, and peppers! Fall is all about the harvest, what better way to show that than with a real life cornucopia?

Don't forget to check out our #FallPiecePrints - just another easy way to get festive! We want to see how you do Fall - send us pics at shopyourpiece@gmail.com or tag us @shopyourpiece.

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