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Art #ForACause

Hey everyone!

Recently, Kels & I had the pleasure of hanging out with 3 very cool people - Shanna Truffini (author of You Are A Gardener), #GardenerAnna, & #GardenerAidan (hosts of the web series Hello Gardeners).

Fun fact: You Are A Gardener was actually illustrated by Kelsey!! Check out some of the B-E-A-utiful watercolors below!

All images courtesy of @youareagardener

We decided it would be so fun to make an episode where Anna + Aidan paint some colorful, abstract art using natural materials (one of Devin's favorite activities to do with kids!) and sell their paintings on our website. Both Anna + Aidan agreed to donate the money from their sale to each of their favorite charities - Anna's being Heartworks & Aidan's being St. Huberts Animal Welfare Center.

We *HIGHLY* encourage you to watch the full episode, check out You Are A Gardener, and follow @youareagardener on Instagram & You Are A Gardener on Facebook!

To purchase #GardenerAidan's painting, click the image below!

To purchase #GardenerAnna's painting, click the image below!

Inspiring and investing energy in future generations of artists is always important to us at Piece. - but it's also wonderful added bonus when you get to work with kids who are helping kids feel supported, loved, and included! Thank you Gardeners & You Are A Gardener for having us - we are always #PullingWeedsAndPlantingSeeds on the Piece. team!


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