Hannah Ayers was born in Cassopolis, Michigan and currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated with a BFA in Studio Art from The College of Wooster. She has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Miami University of Oxford, Ohio. 


"My artistic process usually starts with my selection of materials and how I will choose to apply them.  My work closely ties emotionality to material selection. A material’s characteristics such as tactility, symbolism, weight, historical significance, etc., is where the dialogue between artwork and viewer begins. My work comes from a desire to bear witness to self. Therefore, I feel that artistic content must be genuine and honest to my personal experiences or observations. Memory is a common theme within my work; the purpose memory serves, as well as its emotional content, is related to the way I select and assemble materials within each series. My subject matter usually has its origin in landscape, but I am more concerned with the feeling and atmosphere of a piece."