Piece. was made to bring quality, one-of-a-kind art to first time and experienced buyers at a fair price.  Too often artists are put in the tough position of signing onto financially detrimental contracts just so they can gain exposure and sell their work, while first time buyers are put off by high gallery prices.

Our goal is to bring a curated selection of visual art from a range of emerging to experienced artists at a fair and transparent price.

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Devin M. DeLaney

Devin M. DeLaney co-founded Piece. because there are a ton of emerging artists out there that have great work and they can't seem to find their audience.  As an artist, she has had the same struggle and decided to create a gallery that supports these artists.  Devin's work revolves around process - knowing how things are made.  By manipulating the environments and the elements of process, she can see the variety of ways materials adapt.

Her work is often made with the most basic materials (fabric, plaster, wood, metal, wax), but relies heavily on found and neglected materials.  As a way to push people to reflect, she likes to re-contextualize mundane items to help us start to notice and appreciate undervalued things surrounding us everyday.


Kelsey Jordan

Kelsey (DeLaney) Jordan co-founded Piece. with Devin because of her love for supporting emerging artists.  Her walls are covered with fun pieces she has collected from family, friends, artists & artisans.  She values the importance of hanging original art on one's walls & supporting artists who strive to make a living from their talents.  She hopes Piece. will be a helpful tool to link new and experienced art-buyers to a curated selection on works.

Kelsey runs a video production company as well as recently illustrated a children's book using a mixture of watercolors and ink & looks forward to her next opportunity!